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Rae Dunn Inspired Coffee Bar

I know I’ve been a little MIA here lately, but I am super excited about a newly discovered obsession I have! Y’all I have found the amazing Rae Dunn collection, and I made a Rae Dunn inspired coffee bar out of it! So if you don’t know what Rae Dunn […]

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Bendable Elf on the Shelf

Before I made our Elf on the Shelf bendable, it was so hard to move him in certain spots. Sometimes to get the right pose I would use sewing pins or tape. This wasn’t always ideal, but I managed. Then I happened upon a Pinterest pin of a DIY bendable […]

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Christmas Present Tags – Printable

I absolutely LOVE cute Christmas tags to dress up presents! This past year I made super cute Chalkboard Christmas present tags and I put them on my Etsy shop so others could enjoy them too!! There are 3 types you can choose from – Elegant tags, Movie Quote Tags, and Fun […]

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29 Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Over 100 EOTS Ideas on This Blog!!

 29 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas! Our little elf on the shelf, Ralphie, has been coming for nearly 5 years now and the idea list keeps getting shorter and shorter! If you’re running out of Elf on the Shelf Ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I usually plan […]

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2017 Elf on the Shelf Calendar – November & December

Elf on the Shelf 2017 Planning Calendar I cannot believe it’s already time for that little red creature that takes over our household every Christmas to come back! I never know whether I should feel stressed or excited that it’s time to start the whole elf routine again, lol!  If […]

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Elf on the Shelf Ideas – North Pole Shower Curtain

North Pole Shower Curtain – Elf on the Shelf Ideas Our elf, Ralphie, always does something big during his visit leading up to Christmas. This North Pole shower curtain was a huge hit in our house! After the elf brought it, my son would stand in the shower looking at it. […]

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Evil Purple Minion Costume for Halloween

Are you one of those crazy mom’s like me who loves for your child to wear a handmade costume, but in the middle of the process you ask yourself – why do I do this every year? That is me to a T. But the outcome is always so worth […]

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Grove Collaborative – A Cleaning Supply Service

I recently discovered an AWESOME cleaning products website and I wanted to share a great deal that they have going on right now with you all! The website is Grove Collaborative (aff link) and they sell products like Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, etc. Right now there is an awesome […]

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God’s Glory Box **COUPON CODE INSIDE**

**Updated 12/08/2017 with NEW coupon codes for God’s Glory Box subscriptions! Are you looking for a subscription box to bring goodies to your doorstep every month? Subscription boxes are so popular right now!  A few months ago I scoured the internet looking for a subscription box I would enjoy. That’s […]

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Bucket List: Hang Glide in North Georgia Mountains

Y’all we went hang gliding for my birthday this year!! It was AMAZING! I wanted to tell you about my experience and what to expect if you’re interested in doing this amazing adventure! I am so glad I was able to hang glide and mark it off my list of […]

Baby Goats

Y’all – We Got Baby Goats!

Y’all I am so excited. I know I haven’t posted much but I wanted to share the news with you guys what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. We got baby goats!!! They are so stinkin’ cute!! My 8 year old is interested in showing for our […]


Ibotta 101 – How I Made $173 in 5 Months!

Hey y’all! So you may have heard about this awesome app called “Ibotta”. I’m super excited to share with you my experience with the app and how I’ve earned $173 in just 5 months (really 3 months because I didn’t use it much January – March)! Click here for a link/purchase […]

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Memory Bears – Easing the Pain

Losing someone you love is difficult to overcome. Sometimes the pain is so intense that you feel you can’t go on. Death is life altering to the ones that’s left behind, and it’s like you’d give anything just to hear that person say “I love you” or to give them a […]

picnic birthday themed Chalkboard Sign!

Picnic Themed Birthday Chalkboard Sign!

Picnic Birthday Theme – Chalkboard Sign Y’all, this picnic themed chalkboard sign is ADORABLE!!! I love the idea of a picnic theme! It’s original and very cute. This sign was created using a 16×20 formatting. She printed out the chalkboard sign and framed it to display for her daughter’s one […]

Writing a Eulogy. When you're not a writer

How to Write a Eulogy – When You’re Not A Writer

My grandfather was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer right before Christmas of 2015. He was only expected to live 4 weeks. This was devastating news. My grandparents adopted me when I was 2 years old so they were my parents… To get the news that your dad is dying […]

Dinosaur Birthday

How to Make An AWESOME Dinosaur Birthday Party!

Dinosaur Birthday Party! For my son’s 8th birthday he wanted to have a dinosaur themed birthday party. And not just any dinosaur birthday, he wanted a SCARY dinosaur birthday party! So I started planning about a month in a half in advance to get everything together. I knew I wanted […]

Butterfly Pallet Sign - DIY - In Memory Wood Signs

In Memory Butterfly Pallet Sign

I posted yesterday about a Cardinal pallet sign I made for a family member. Today I wanted to share with you my Butterfly pallet sign in memory of a lost loved one. The first time I made this pallet sign was a few weeks ago. It was for a special […]

Cardinal Pallet Sign - DIY - In Memory Signs

In Memory Cardinal Pallet Sign

I’ve posted a lot here lately about our Elf on the Shelf, but some of my friends suggested I should do posts on my pallet signs I make. My latest creation was a Cardinal pallet sign. I love creating things, and crafting. It’s one of my favorite pastimes! A few […]

Top 23 Christmas Traditions to Celebrate with your Family!

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. It’s a time to celebrate our Lord & Savior, it’s a time to spend with family, and it’s the time to eat really good food! My family and I have some special Christmas traditions that make the season even brighter and […]

Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter Santa lifts his magic letter

Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter

One of our many Elf on the Shelf traditions is our Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letters. The night before Christmas Eve our elf brings a letter. In this letter Santa will lift his magic for only 5 minutes after reading the letter. When Santa lifts his magic, Hunter can […]

Elf arrival letter, 2016 from the desk of Santa Claus arrival letter - Jesus style

Elf Arrival Letter for Elf on the Shelf 1

Every year when our elf comes to visit, he brings an “Elf Arrival Letter”. This letter is from Santa and tells Hunter what a good boy he’s been all year and why Santa is sending the elf back to his house. It’s basically an introduction for our Ralphie (our elf) every […]

Elf on the Shelf December Calendar Ideas

Elf on the Shelf 2016 Calendar 2

It’s almost unreal that in a few weeks our little elf friend, Ralphie, will be making his way into our household, bringing with him lots of laughter and fun antics. We cannot wait! If you’re new to the “Elf on the Shelf” deal – basically you adopt an elf, like […]

Elf on the Shelf Naughty Notes, Naughty cards, Free printables

Free Printable – Elf on the Shelf Naughty Cards 3

Elf on the Shelf Naughty Card Notes – FREE PRINTABLE! I couldn’t give you EOTS nice notes and not give you the naughty ones too! These little notes are so stinkin’ adorable! I can’t wait for our little elf to come and bring a little mischief in our home! The […]

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers - Halloween food

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers Halloween Treats

Mummy Jalapeno Poppers Recipe Last year I made some yummy mummy jalapeno poppers for our Halloween get-together and I was asked to bring them again this year! I wanted to share the simple recipe with you so you can add this delicious recipe to your collection! Ingredients 10 Jalapeno’s. A few […]

Free Printable Christmas Jokes for Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Jokes – Free Printable! Every year our Elf on the Shelf brings fun cards for our son! This year I thought it would be an awesome idea for Ralphie to bring Christmas joke cards. These Christmas jokes are sure to have your little one laughing! *Download […]

27 Creative & Unique Elf Ideas 2

Elf on the Shelf – 27 Creative & Unique Elf Ideas I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas for our little elf. Last year I compiled 28 unique elf ideas to use and I LOVE them!! We had a rough time last Christmas. My husband was in a motorcycle accident […]

Are you looking for unique and creative elf ideas for your Elf on the Shelf this season? Look no further! Elf on the Shelf is a craze in our household, and I wanted to share some of my ideas with you, because people ask me all the time to share them! I incorporate fun activities, Jesus, and Santa into our Elf on the Shelf happenings.

25 Unique & Creative Elf Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Looking for Creative Elf Ideas for Elf on the Shelf? Are you looking for unique and creative elf ideas for your Elf on the Shelf this season? Look no further! Elf on the Shelf is a craze in our household, and I wanted to share some of my ideas with you, […]

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Sick Elf on the Shelf Ideas 1

What to do when your elf is moved and becomes a “sick elf”. One day my son was upset that his elf was playing with his favorite toy – a horse. So, naturally, when I wasn’t looking he snuck over and pulled his elf off the horse. Uh, oh. We […]

Elf on the Shelf Easy Ideas

Elf on the Shelf – 19 Easy Ideas

19 Easy, Simple, & Fun Ideas You probably can tell from my other posts that I’m an elf fanatic. I LOVE that little creature! For the first year I was a newbie, so I wanted to share with you some of the ideas I had with you guys. I’m such […]