Y’all – We Got Baby Goats!

Y’all I am so excited. I know I haven’t posted much but I wanted to share the news with you guys what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. We got baby goats!!! They are so stinkin’ cute!! My 8 year old is interested in showing for our local 4-H so we decided to go ahead and get some goats and a donkey! We haven’t gotten the goat he’s going to be showing yet because she’s not weaned, but these babies will be her playmates! I am over the moon!

Baby Goats

I grew up on a farm and I’ve lived on a farm all of my life. When my son brought up an interest in showing goats I was head over hills! You know that little emoticon that has the heart eyes? Yep, that was me!

The goats we bought and the one we’re getting to show are called Boer goats and they’re absolutely adorable! They were skiddish when we first brought them home, but after working with them for an hour or so, they’re coming up to us and even sitting in our laps and eating from our hands!

baby goats

We bought our donkey about 1 month ago in anticipation of these babies. Although we have dogs and a fairly sturdy fence, we wanted another layer of protection for our goats against coyotes and other predators. When we brought our donkey home she was very skiddish. Hardly eating out of the feed bucket when we would hold it let alone allow us to come up to her. She is progressing so well! We’ve had her not even a month yet and she’s already letting me pet her all over her head, scratch her neck, and even eating out of my hand. Did I mention she’s pregnant? Ahh! I can’t wait to have a little baby donkey running around with these baby goats!

baby goats

baby goats

I wanted to share this little adventure we’re about to embark upon because I’m sure I’ll be posting about it and giving updates on this crazy journey!

We are new to the whole “show goats” thing, so if you have some tips or tricks you want to share, please send them my way!

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