How To Clean A Clogged Drain – WITHOUT CHEMICALS 1

Clean a Clogged Drain (Without those harmful chemicals!)

Most girls with long hair know the struggle of a clogged drain. It never fails when taking a shower and you run your fingers through your hair gobs of hair comes out…  After it’s all said and done, you end up with enough hair in your hand to cover a Sasquatch!!

Clean a Clogged Drain without harmful chemicals

Every girl with long hair deals with this. If you don’t, consider yourself blessed! I was at my wits end with our bathroom shower’s clogged drain. I was sick of taking a shower and standing in two feet of water! We’d use a plunger, it would work for a couple of days, but then we were back to our old ways again.

We tried everything. Drain-O (an entire bottle actually), a plunger, one of those snake things… Nothing worked. I hated using the Drain-O because I always heard how terrible it was for your pipes, so I was bound and determined to find something that would take away our headache of a clogged drain and WITHOUT harmful chemicals!

One day we happened upon this nifty tool. You can find it on Amazon here for cheap. ITS WORTH EVERY CENT!

The Zip-It is very easy to use. You hold it by the handle and insert it into the drain. Be very careful because the points are very sharp! I moved it up and down a little and side to side until the entire tool was in the drain. Once it was in the right spot, I pulled it out and I couldn’t believe what was on the end.

Clogged Drain - Unclog without harmful chemicals or expensive tools!

We were so shocked at how much hair and gunk was in our drain. We are surprised that water was even getting down at all!!

How to unclog a Clogged Drain without harmful chemicals!

We used this tool, and we haven’t had a problem since. No more harmful chemicals going down our drain eating away at the pipes. No more taking a shower and standing in two feet of water. No more plunger!

I’ll say it again, this tool is worth every penny!

I decided to write this post after my post about making our laminate floor shine like new. If you would like to see more posts like this, please comment below!

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