DIY Christmas Snowman Sign

DIY Christmas Snowman Sign Made From a Pallet!

I recently made several pallet signs from reclaimed wood. If you don’t know, a pallet is made up of 1 x’s on the top and is held together with 2 x 4’s on the bottom. After using the 1x’s I had several 2×4’s left over and I couldn’t let them be kindling for an outside bon fire… I had to reclaim this wood! I decided to make them into a Christmas snowman sign!

DIY Christmas snowman sign, pallet sign, 2x4, reclaimed wood

Do you have an old pallet, or 2×4’s, lying around and want to reclaim them? Make these adorable snowman signs! These signs are incredibly easy to make.

Before painting, you may want to lightly sand. When lightly sanding wood, it helps the paint to adhere a little better.

You can cut some of the pallet to make the lip of the hat, or you can used a rolled up Christmas sock as a beanie. I used part of the wood from the pallet to make my hat. I cut out the piece I needed, and then nailed it to the wood.

First you’ll want to paint the bottom of the sign. I used house paint samples for the white (you can buy at your local hardware store). Before painting the face, buttons, or anything else you’ll want the white to dry thoroughly.

After you paint the white body, you can finish up the sign. You can paint the hats black, use household items as templates and paint the eyes, nose, and mouth.

You can use ribbon or fabric to make the scarf, just measure out the sizes you need, and hot glue them onto the snowman.

Voila, you’ve got a beautiful snowman sign decoration for Christmas! These are AWESOME as Christmas gifts!

Did you make a Christmas snowman sign? Show it below!

DIY Christmas Snowman Sign Pallet Wood Pallet sign

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