Elf Arrival Idea – North Pole Breakfast

Elf on the Shelf – Elf Arrival Idea – North Pole Breakfast

I have a slight addition to this little creature that takes over our home every Christmas season… I love the joy and love that he brings to our home! Even when my husband had a motorcycle wreck and my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, he still brightened the season for us. I had preplanned the elf arrival using planners, similar to these. My husband was back and forth at the hospital and if I didn’t pre-plan, I would have never been able to pull the Elf on the Shelf off. Anyways, here is the arrival idea – an Elf on the Shelf Arrival Breakfast.

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For the grand entrance it was spectacular! Ralphie, our elf, came in on a hot air balloon! The balloon is out of a basket and helium balloons with tassels and string.

The elf also brought “snow” made from blue and silver ornaments glued on twine and hanging from the ceiling.

Ralphie brought lots of Christmas goodies. He brought sprinkled donut holes, green and red frosting cookies, gingerbread men, green milk, and Christmas tree cakes! He also brought Hunter a Lego advent calendar to use the month of December, a letter from himself, AND a personal letter from Santa!

A quick tip – for the decorating, you can find lots of cute table cloths, plates, etc. at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store!

I will post, later on, templates to make your own personalized letter from Santa.

Hunter was surprised that Ralphie brought him junk food for breakfast! He wants Ralphie to come EVERY morning and bring him breakfast! He loved the gifts too! The advent calendar is a MUST! It’s like a present every day for the month of December! A huge hit on our house hold.

What ideas have you done for your elf’s arrival?

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