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It’s almost unreal that in a few weeks our little elf friend, Ralphie, will be making his way into our household, bringing with him lots of laughter and fun antics. We cannot wait! If you’re new to the “Elf on the Shelf” deal – basically you adopt an elf, like the one here, and he/she causes chaos, mischief, happiness, or teaches a lesson every day of the Christmas season. But if you’re a seasoned “Elf on the Shelfer” then you know how hard it is to come up with great ideas year after year. That’s why I use a calendar to pull all the EOTS ideas together.

I pin ideas on my Pinterest page throughout the entire year and around September/October I compile a list of other ideas with my own to create that Christmas seasons EOTS ideas. If you visit my Elf of the Shelf page, you’ll see lots of ideas. Ideas very simple to ideas very creative. I think a well thought up season is compiled of simple ideas mixed with uniquely creative ideas. So, I incorporate them both. It is what works for our household.

You can download my EOTS Idea Checklist & Printable Calendar here. I first start off by writing all the ideas I would like to do down on my checklist. I then will write what I need to buy, print, or make, and get all the items together before the EOTS arrives so we can focus on having fun for the Christmas season!

Once I finish compiling my list, I assign the ideas to a day. The unique & creative ideas go on the weekends and the simple ideas go on the weekdays.

Another thing to think about is when your elf will arrive. Our elf arrives the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. So this year our elf will arrive on November 26th. This is what works best for our family, but a lot of families introduce their elf on December 1st. There’s no right or wrong way – just do whatever works best for your household.

So, this year I wanted to share with you my EOTS calendar with ideas! Yes, you read that right – I’m going to reveal my Elf on the Shelf calendar!

Elf on the Shelf December Calendar Ideas

Now throughout the season, I might change things up. I might delete an idea and add one or move around the ideas. It’s not set in stone, but I wanted to share this so you could get a good idea of what works for us! Hopefully you can take one of this tips and make your Elf on the Shelf season a great one!

I’d love to see your ideas! Share them below!

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