God’s Glory Box **COUPON CODE INSIDE**

**Updated 12/08/2017 with NEW coupon codes for God’s Glory Box subscriptions!

Are you looking for a subscription box to bring goodies to your doorstep every month? Subscription boxes are so popular right now!  A few months ago I scoured the internet looking for a subscription box I would enjoy. That’s when I stumbled on God’s Glory Box. **COUPON CODE BELOW**

God's Glory Box, Subscription Box, Christian, Christian subscription box

I started out with the 6 month God’s Glory Box subscription to see how I would like it. The reviews were great and the message was so important. What drew me in was for every box purchased, 5 meals are given through Feeding America. So not only do amazing products show up at my door step the beginning of every month, I also am helping people in America!!

The products vary from month to month, but basically it’s 3-4 handpicked items from small business Christian sellers and a few “shareable items” to share God’s Glory. The sellers are picked through Instagram, Etsy, etc. and these items are high quality! I love the note cards and scripture that I can give to others!!

You can view their website and see what the next month box will be! My 6 month subscription was up in November and I LOVED every month!!! The products were wonderful and so uplifting. I’m on a yearly subscription now and can’t wait to see the new boxes for 2018!


God's Glory Box, Subscription Box, Christian, Christian subscription box


God's Glory Box, Subscription Box, Christian, Christian subscription box

So the things I like most about God’s Glory Box is:

  • For every box shipped, GGB donates 5 meals through Feeding America
  • Every shipment helps small business Christian sellers
  • Wearing shirts, bracelets, necklaces, etc. lets others know we’re a child of the King and spread Gods love!
  • The shareable items allows us to share God’s Glory with others
  • Wonderful handpicked, high quality items are shipped to your door step every single month!!

Are you ready for the coupon code??

You can go to https://godsglorybox.com/ and upon checkout use the codes
HONEYSUCKLE5 to get $5 off a one month subscription
HONEYSUCKLE10 for $10 off a 3 month subscription
And recently GGB just activated two new codes for Honeysuckle Footprint readers!!!
HONEYSUCKLE15 will get you $15 off a 6 month subscription
HONEYSUCKLE20 will get you $20 off a 12 month subscription!!!! These deals are exclusive to Honeysuckle Footprints and we’re so over the moon to be able to offer it to you!

HINT: these also make GREAT gifts that keep giving! The longer subscription you purchase, the more you save PER box!! But GGB STILL donates 5 meals for every single box shipped!!! How awesome is that?!?

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