Ibotta 101 – How I Made $173 in 5 Months!

Hey y’all! So you may have heard about this awesome app called “Ibotta”. I’m super excited to share with you my experience with the app and how I’ve earned $173 in just 5 months (really 3 months because I didn’t use it much January – March)! Click here for a link/purchase code you can use to earn $10 extra after redeeming your first rebate! I wish I would have had a code from someone when I first downloaded! *I also get $5 when you redeem your first rebate!

Ibotta - Learn how I maximized the use of Ibotta to make $173 just by shopping in 5 months! Tips, tricks, and also a $10 coupon off your first rebate!!

What Is Ibotta?

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta I’ll give you a quick run down – basically you get rebates for certain brands, foods, electronics, clothes, etc. you purchase. Once you buy a particular item, you submit your receipt and scan the product label for Ibotta to approve and send you money. You can get this money via PayPal, Venmo, or awesome gift cards! Gift cards to places like Olive Garden, Longhorn, Red Lobster, Target, Kmart, Gap, Applebees, Sams Club, Papa Johns, Old Navy, Joann’s, Best Buy, Amazon, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Walmart, Sephora, iTunes, Cabela’s, Express, and Regal Cinemas!

You can download the app here (it includes $10 after your first rebate)!

So I’ve been using Ibotta since November of 2016 and to this date (April 25th 2017) I’ve gotten back $173.23! In January, February, and March I hardly used it! I had so much going on, I kept forgetting to submit my receipts! Here’s a quick rundown of my earnings:

November 2016 – $62.75 in rebates

December 2016 – $74.75 in rebates

January 2017 – $2.73 in rebates

February 2017 – $0.75 in rebates

March 2017 – $3.00 in rebates

April 2017 (to date) – $28.75 in rebates.

I’ve completed 124 rebates, 161 “tasks”, and 13 bonuses.

So you may be wondering what are tasks and bonuses?
The rebates are how many I sent in.
The tasks are how many items I’ve unlocked. I’ve unlocked 161 “tasks”, but I’ve only purchased 124 “rebates”.
The bonuses are extra cash that Ibotta sets up for you to earn. For example – for the month of April I’m on the “April Level 2” bonus. I’ll earn an extra dollar when my “team” has earned $15 in rebates and I have redeemed 15 total items.
You also have a “team” these are your friends on Ibotta. The larger your “team” the quicker you’ll earn those bonus points. So add, add, add!

How to Earn the Most From Your Ibotta Account

Before I go to the grocery store, I check out my Ibotta app. I look for items that can be substituted. For example, there might be a brand of milk on the app that is different than the brand I typically buy. I also keep an eye out for additional coupons – in the paper or online that would better my price for this particular item.

Always browse the Ibotta app BEFORE you go into the store. That way you can maximize your earnings & you’ll have an idea of what you’ll need to pick up.

Also – keep your receipts!! Rebates are added all the time, if you keep your receipt you can redeem them up to 7 days after your purchase!

You can download the app here (it includes $10 after your first rebate)!

How to Submit a Receipt/Rebate *With Pictures!

When you first open the app you’ll come to a page – similar to the one below. Here you can browse categories (grocery, mobile, clothing etc) to find the rebates you’re looking for.


For this demonstration I’m going to select Grocery, Walmart, and then “New”. The reason I’m selecting “New” is because I’ve already made my initial purchase and I want to browse only the rebates that are new and I possibly haven’t seen yet. There are different tabs you can search by. “All”, “Hot”, or even each individual category like Pantry or Dairy.


I want to redeem the “any item” rebate. So I can select that particular rebate and this page pops up.


Since I want to submit this rebate to Ibotta for approval I’ll click on “Unlock $.25 cash back”.


I will have to take a picture of my receipt. The first dialog box that pops up is just a reminder with their qualifications for the rebate. Then you’ll come to a screen where you’ll just take a picture of the receipt – very simple.

Ibotta Once you take a picture of the receipt, you’ll need to select the rebate you’re submitting and either scan the barcode, or in my case, just select it. With produce and “any item” rebates you don’t have to scan the barcode.


I then clicked on verify purchase and within a couple minutes the $.25 was added to my account.



If you can earn money back on purchases you’re going to make, why not?! It takes just a little time and you can earn nearly $200 in just a few months too!

You can download the app here (it includes $10 after your first rebate)!

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