LuLaRoe – My Honest Opinion

An Honest Review of LuLaRoe. A boutique shop by Hailey Bailey

For a few months now I’ve been seeing LuLaRoe pop up on my Facebook. At first I really didn’t know what it was, but I’ve had first hand experience on their products and I’m giving my HONEST review!

One of my friends, Hailey Bailey (I know such a cute name), started selling it & I was SO glad! There was someone I knew and trusted who sold some of these awesome looking clothes!

She announced for several days of when her “grand opening” on Facebook was going to be. Monday night at 8pm. This is when she was going to reveal all the clothes she had in stock, that were ready for new homes! I’ve heard about the “buttery soft” leggings and I was VERY interested. It’s no secret that I’m no “skinny Minnie”. I’ve actually written a small blog post here about me losing weight. I definitely have curves and I need clothes that compliment those curves, not disgrace them. Needless to say, I have to be very picky about my selection of clothing, and I was eager to know if LuLaRoe by Hailey Bailey was another option for me. 

So Monday night around 9:30 I went on her Facebook page and went shopping (we had Bible School and I wasn’t able to shop at 8pm). I looked at the several different styles and prints she had.

A neat fact I learned about this company while on Hailey’s page is there are only about 2500 of every print so the patterns are very unique! But, if you find something you want to snag it quickly because these clothes sell out QUICK!

Once I asked questions about styles, fitting, etc. I picked out the outfit I wanted. The famous buttery soft leggings and a perfect Irma shirt to go with the leggings. I typically wear a size 12 (stretchy, I have big thighs) so I picked the ONE SIZE leggings. I also picked a size medium Irma shirt because they tend to run smaller. I would suggest looking at the sizing guide and asking Hailey Bailey what she thinks.

This is how the process works: To claim an item comment sold under the picture, these items are first come first serve. When you have browsed all the inventory and you’re done shopping, just comment “Done Shopping” on the done shopping post in the group. To pay you go to this form here. Hailey will send you a PayPal invoice afterwards. You only have to do this ONCE, next time you shop you won’t have to fill out the form again! It’s THAT simple!

The shipping is VERY reasonable. You can pick up for free in Mount Vernon, Ohio or she will ship anywhere in the US for $3 for one item, $6 for 2 or more, and FREE shipping on orders over $100!

I was SUPER excited to get my clothes! I got them quick and I immediately noticed the packaging. I was excited just to open my package just because of how neat and colorful it was!! Hailey had my clothes neatly wrapped in cute packaging and her information/business cards in front with a couple handmade hair ties. 


 I rushed inside and tried on the leggings and I was SO impressed!!! The leggings WERE buttery soft and they were SLIMMING! I LOVED them! The Irma shirt was also a PERFECT combination and fit perfectly. The Irma style shirt came down lower in the back and was “flowy”. The perfect shirt to pair with leggings. I was in love with this new outfit. These clothes were unbelievably stylish and comfortable. I was SO happy! 

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

Another awesome thing about these leggings is you can wear them as capris, or you can wear them as typical leggings!!!

LuLaRoe Review, Honest Opinion

You can visit her site by searching LuLaRoe Hailey Bailey on Facebook, Clicking here, or searching for lularoehaileybailey on Instagram.

She posts new items on Sunday’s at 8pm. If she does a live sale there may not be an album to select from. Be patient, she will put up an album in a few days. ?

I want to buy a Nicole dress next! I’ve heard they’re SO comfortable and stylish! I can’t wait to get my next shipment of LuLaRoe.

Don’t just take my word for it, try it out!! Now that I’ve tried them, I’M HOOKED!! I feel so comfortable in my own skin!!! Love it!! 

Hailey is an amazing consultant. She gives an honest opinion and really cares about your happiness with her products. She has amazing customer service skills. She really goes above and beyond what is required of her and takes extra steps, just like her attentiveness to the packaging. I have no doubt in my mind you will be just as satisfied with her as I am. 

Do you have an opinion of LuLaRoe or did you purchase from Hailey Bailey? Tell me about it below in the comments section!

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