Elf on the Shelf Easy Ideas

Elf on the Shelf – 19 Easy Ideas

19 Easy, Simple, & Fun Ideas You probably can tell from my other posts that I’m an elf fanatic. I LOVE that little creature! For the first year I was a newbie, so I wanted to share with you some of the ideas I had with you guys. I’m such […]

DIY Christmas snowman sign, pallet sign, 2x4, reclaimed wood

DIY Christmas Snowman Sign

DIY Christmas Snowman Sign Made From a Pallet! I recently made several pallet signs from reclaimed wood. If you don’t know, a pallet is made up of 1 x’s on the top and is held together with 2 x 4’s on the bottom. After using the 1x’s I had several […]

Elf Arrival Idea – North Pole Breakfast

Elf on the Shelf – Elf Arrival Idea – North Pole Breakfast I have a slight addition to this little creature that takes over our home every Christmas season… I love the joy and love that he brings to our home! Even when my husband had a motorcycle wreck and […]

Elf on the Shelf Nice Notes, Nice Cards, Free Printable

Elf on the Shelf – Free Elf Printables

Free Elf Printables for Elf on the Shelf – NICE NOTES I’ve already started planning our sweet elf’s arrival this year! I knew I wanted to make some printable notes for our elf, Ralphie to bring – and I wanted to share them with you lovely people – FOR FREE! […]

New Car buying, Best Deal, Best Price, Haggling, Dealership

Get The LOWEST Price for Your NEW Car!

How I saved nearly $7,000 off the lowest advertised price on a new car and YOU can too! When it was time to upgrade my car, I wanted to get the best deal on a new car. Just like everyone else right? The only difference is I figured out the […]

DIY, Homemade, Foam, Dinosaur Costume for Halloween

Dinosaur Costume – Handmade for Halloween

Handmade Dinosaur Costume for Halloween When my little guy wanted to be a Spinosaurus dinosaur for Halloween, I knew I had to make his dream a reality. So to brainstorming and planning I went. I knew I wanted to make his dinosaur costume out of craft foam, so I scoured the […]

Top 10 Fall activities to do wtih your family!

Fall Activities To Do With Your Family!

 Top 10 Fall Activities Ahh, cooler weather is approaching and that means one thing, fall is near! Here in Georgia we always look forward to a break in the heat and although we’ve had some exceptionally hot summer days, we know the cooler weather is near! There are several activities […]

Elf on the Shelf Arrival & LEtter

Elf on the Shelf Arrival (Including Letter)

Elf on the Shelf Initial Arrival, INCLUDING LETTER When we first got an Elf on the Shelf, I knew I wanted to make the grand entrance special for our little man. So to planning we started! My grandmother bought it as a gift to us on Amazon, like the one […]

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Breakfast

Elf on The Shelf Breakfast Arrival

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast Arrival I am an Elf on the Shelf freak! I LOVE that little creature that comes into our home and fills the Christmas season with magic and wonder <3. I always wanted to do an Elf on the Shelf Breakfast arrival and here’s some ideas […]

Easily Clean Grime Off your Bathtub to make it spotless again

How to Make Your Bathtub SPOTLESS Again!

How to clean your bathtub to make it spotless again! Do you have a dirty bathtub and no matter how many times you “clean” it, the tub just doesn’t get clean? I’m going to show you how I get the grime off my tub quickly and easily AND inexpensively! I […]

DIY Scarecrow door hanger, wooden door hanger

Scarecrow Door Hanger – Fall Decor

DIY Scarecrow Door Hanger for Fall Décor Ahh, fall is right around the corner and I’m gearing up to begin decorating! I can’t wait for pumpkin spice everything and cooler weather! A great way to start your fall décor designing is a little love for your front door. After all, […]

The Ultimate Drive-in Theater experience. A go to for tips, advice, and what to bring to make a drive-in movie theater experience it's best!

Drive-in Theater ULTIMATE Experience

Drive-in Theater – What to prepare for to make your Drive-in experience the best it can be! Our family has been introduced to the Drive-In Theater world and we are over the moon to tell you about it! We have now watched two movies at our local drive-in theater and […]

Clean a Clogged Drain without harmful chemicals

How To Clean A Clogged Drain – WITHOUT CHEMICALS 1

Clean a Clogged Drain (Without those harmful chemicals!) Most girls with long hair know the struggle of a clogged drain. It never fails when taking a shower and you run your fingers through your hair gobs of hair comes out…  After it’s all said and done, you end up with […]

First Day of School Photo Ideas

First Day of School Ideas Part Two

First Day of School Photo Ideas Part Two We previously posted our First Day of School Kindergarten Photo ideas. Today we’re posting our first day of school FIRST GRADE photo ideas! This year instead of making a handmade sign, I ordered one online. This sign would be very easy to […]

First Day of School Kindergarten Photo Ideas

First Day of School Ideas

First Day of School Ideas When my little man started Kindergarten I knew I had to have some awesome first day of school pictures! I scoured the internet looking for ideas. I’m so excited to share with you how we made his first day of kindergarten awesome! I took an old […]

LuLaRoe – My Honest Opinion

An Honest Review of LuLaRoe. A boutique shop by Hailey Bailey For a few months now I’ve been seeing LuLaRoe pop up on my Facebook. At first I really didn’t know what it was, but I’ve had first hand experience on their products and I’m giving my HONEST review! One […]

Fireworks Ultimate List Tips & Pointers

The Ultimate Fireworks Experience 1

The Ultimate Fireworks Experience Firework shows are a great time to celebrate our freedom and honor our military. It’s also a great time to spend with family and make memories. Sometimes I need a reminder or a list of tips and “what to bring” when we go watch fireworks, so […]

Weight Loss Plexus Slim Dietbet

Two Tips to Kickstart Your Weight Loss 4

Two tips that helped me kick-start my weight loss journey It’s no secret. I’ve struggled with weight loss since I had my son 7 years ago. I blew up like a balloon and never seemed to drop much. The more I read the more I realize there are women everywhere just […]

Handmade string art with access to coupon code!

Handmade String Art Father’s Day Gift

 Handmade String Art Father’s Day Gift From my earlier posts here & here you can gather that I love handmade gifts… I say it over, and over, and over! So when one of my Facebook friends started selling handmade signs of string art, I was intrigued. **read on for an […]

Handmade DIY handprint art for Father's Day Gift

DIY Handprint Father’s Day Gift

Handmade Father’s Day gift of kids handprint Are you looking for an inexpensive but memorable & sentimental gift for that special person in your life? That’s what I love about handmade gifts. You just can’t put a price tag on them. I love giving handmade gifts for special occasions. This […]

DIY Father’s Day Gift 1

Homemade – DIY Father’s Day Gift sure to get Dad & Grandpa to smile big! I am all about homemade gifts. I’d rather give a DIY gift than a store-bought gift any day. Especially for Father’s Day & Mother’s Day, so this DIY Father’s Day Gift idea was no unusual […]

Elf on the Shelf Elf Calendar 2016 Idea Checklist

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Planning Calendar & Idea Checklist 8

Elf on the Shelf Planning Elf Calendar & Idea Checklist – free printables We love our Elf on the Shelf, Ralphie. He’s one of the many (and probably one of the most favorite) traditions we do every year. To keep everything together I use an “Elf Calendar & Elf Checklist”. Complete […]

Elf on the shelf arrival ideas Letter Jesus

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Idea Letter!

Jesus Style Elf on the Shelf Arrival Idea with a Letter from Santa! Ahh, the Elf on the Shelf. I love that little creature that visits our house every Christmas season. The joy, the laughter, and the Christmas spirit that one tiny elf brings to my little guy is a […]

Passion Flower Religious Flower Jesus Crucifixion Maypop Fruit Vine

Passion Flower “Maypop” History

The history of the Passion Flower “Maypop” I remember as a kid walking through my papa’s garden and finding these gorgeous flowers. Papa would just pull them up and keep on gardening. I never knew they were called a Passion Flower “Maypop”. I forgot about these beautiful flowers until recently […]

DIY AWESOME Homemade Lego Spiderman Costume for Halloween

DIY Lego Spiderman Costume 5

How to create DIY Lego Spiderman Costume for Halloween This awesome Halloween costume is sure to get everyone’s attention! My son won a costume contest with this costume and had hundreds of compliments! Best of all, it meant the world to him that he had a special Lego Spiderman Costume […]

Dailey Womens Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study – David

Women’s Bible Study – Love God Greatly – a Christian Bible Study AHHHH!!!! Love God Greatly just released our new Bible study and it’s over DAVID!!!!!! Let me just say David is one of my most favorite people in the Bible from the brave little boy to the strong warrior. […]

What is a Neighbor? In Christ - Jesus

What Is a Neighbor?

What is a neighbor? My first initial thought to this question is my neighbor next door… DUH! What about if I ask “What is a neighbor in the Bible?”. The response tends to be a little different. Luke draws out several verses and tells us the exact definition of a […]

I Went To A Strip Club 2

I Went To a Strip Club I’ve read this post from Anne McCarthy with Just a Jesus Follower over and over when I first saw it and I can’t get it off my mind… I hope it blesses you as much as it has me! A while back I was […]

There's No Laundry In Heaven - A Devotional Ecclesiastes 9:10

There’s No Laundry In Heaven 2

There’s No Laundry In Heaven! Today’s post comes from Hannah McEntire with Hannah McEntire Art & Photography and boy is it a good one. It blessed me to my soul and I hope it does the same for you It’s titled – No Laundry In Heaven. After folding and putting […]

Bill's Lemonade Copycat Recipe

Bill’s Lemonade Copycat Recipe 4

How to Make Bill’s Lemonade Copycat Recipe! Have you ever tasted a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade and it hit the spot? This Bill’s Lemonade copycat recipe is more than awesome!!! This past weekend my family and I took a trip up to the mountains in Pigeon Forge. There at […]