Rae Dunn Inspired Coffee Bar

I know I’ve been a little MIA here lately, but I am super excited about a newly discovered obsession I have! Y’all I have found the amazing Rae Dunn collection, and I made a Rae Dunn inspired coffee bar out of it!

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Rae Dunn & Farmhouse Inspired Coffee Bar

So if you don’t know what Rae Dunn Pottery is, you’ll have to check it out. Her products are absolutely amazing. I love the large letter mugs and how each piece is unique. The mugs have dents, bumps, and imperfections and I love it! It reminds me of my life and how I’m imperfect. The pieces are also not true white, and more of an off white. It’s perfect, in an imperfect way šŸ˜Š.

So, once I found Rae Dunn Pottery I was inspired to make a farmhouse style coffee bar, and I LOVE it! I will link where I purchased everything, but Rae Dunn is hard to find in stores. So I’ll give you a few hints.

1- TJ MAXX, Marshall’s, and Home Goods carry Rae Dunn in stores; however, I haven’t had much luck with a big selection. It’s a hit or miss. And when they do carry stock, usuallyĀ upsellers rush in and buy everything up so they can put a 50% upcharge on the item.

2 – eBay. I bought my mugs on eBay, but later I found out I paid too much for them. (the canisters and tea-pot I bought from home goods and made Rae Dunn inspired decals for them. If you look close, you can tell the A in tea is different. I could have altered this in my software, but I wasn’t worried about it).

3- Since I’ve been on this Rae Dunn kick, I’ve come across an AMAZING app that reminds me a little of eBay without the bidding process. There is A LOT of Rae Dunn and other things – like clothes, decor, etc. The app isĀ Mercari! After you download the app use my code YDRXDU to get $10 off your first purchase!! How cool is that!? Another awesome thing is if you’re interested in buying several items from the same seller, you can ask for a combined shipping discount. I recently purchased several dog and cat bowls and paid 1/2 the price than I would have on eBay by using the same seller and combining the shipping! A lot of reputable Rae Dunn collectors are on this site.

If you decide to purchase Rae Dunn, be careful. A lot of people inflate the prices and a mug they paid $7 for they’ll sell for $20. Recently I purchased a Rae Dunn mason jar and looked on eBay and they were selling the same item for $25-75 when I paid $7 for it in the store. No joke.

What motivated me to make a coffee bar wasn’t just my recently discovered Rae Dunn obsession. The moment I realized I had a coffee issue was when I walked into Starbucks and the barista told me my coffee order down to the nonfat milk and no whip details. That was a moment of “um, I’m spending too much money in here and I need to stop” lol.

This was a way for me to create a coffee bar guilt free because I would be saving money in the long run… At least that’s what I told myself, hah!

Eventually, I want to add a tileĀ back splash in my kitchen and hang a cute “coffee bar” sign. That’s another awesome thing about creating a coffee bar – you can work on it atĀ whateverĀ pace you need to!


Keurig – I currently have the MiniĀ Keurig here, but I eventually want to upgrade to the K250 Keurig in Sandy Pearl here. I think long-term the K250 will be better for us anyway since we drink about 3 cups of coffee a day between my husband and I.

Wooden Stand – I found this particular stand on sale at Home Goods, but there is one on Amazon similar – here.

Coffee & Tea Canisters – I also found these at Home Goods. On the reverse side there’s a cute little chalkboard area to write on, I just made Rae Dunn inspired decals and added to make them look like Rae Dunn. Here are some cute canisters on Amazon!

RoundĀ Mat – Again, this was bought at Home Goods. Originally, it was too big for the area, but I just cut to the size I needed and threw away the excess. Here is a similar one.

Mug Rack – I LOVE this mug rack. Although I can’t use all the pegs for my mugs, it’s still a nifty add to theĀ coffee bar.

Lazy Susan – This Lazy Susan was PERFECT for my mug rack!

I had a lot of fun picking out these cute items for my new coffee bar. And my efforts were not in vain. I was going to Starbucks every other day before my coffee bar. I have now pushed it back to once a week – if that. Woo hoo!

If you decided to make your own coffee bar, share with us!! Post a picture on our Facebook or below šŸ™‚

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