Sick Elf on the Shelf Ideas 1

What to do when your elf is moved and becomes a “sick elf”.

One day my son was upset that his elf was playing with his favorite toy – a horse. So, naturally, when I wasn’t looking he snuck over and pulled his elf off the horse. Uh, oh. We had a sick elf.

Ralphie, our beloved elf, lost his magic. He couldn’t fly back to the North Pole and report to Santa on our sons good behavior!

We wanted to continue this tradition, so my husband and I made a big deal about Hunter, our son, touching him. The next day, our elf was gone. He must have gotten up enough energy to fly back to the North Pole, but couldn’t return. This was a bummer to our little man, so he was so upset that he wanted me to write an email to Santa. I encouraged it, just a wee bit… So we sat down at the computer and wrote up a heart-felt email to Santa. I knew my son was remorseful for touching the elf and disobeying the rules. So, to planning for his bounce-back I went.

Sick Elf How-To

To make our sick elf, I used a tissue box as the mattress, scrap fabric as the cover and pillow, and a Band-Aid for his head. The IV line and pole was made from pipe cleaner formed to look realistic. I also put down a medicine bottle, Tylenol, water out of a mini glass (actually a shot glass) with a cut-off straw, and a thermometer. The elf wrote a little note that read ” Hunter, Santa read me the email that you got your mama to send. Thanks for being my special friend – Ralphie”.

The compassion and remorse Hunter felt & showed, must have been enough to help our little Ralphie get his magic back!

Sick elf on the shelf idea, elf lost magic

Sick elf on the shelf idea, elf lost magic

Have you had a sick elf before? What ideas did you use?

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