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One Simple Step to Make Your Laminate Floors Shine Like NEW!

Do you have dull laminate floors? We did!

Refinish Your Laminate Floors

When my husband & I built our house, we wanted dark laminate floors. We didn’t even consider the fact that dark floors show up everything! Dark laminate flooring shows every little footprint, mark, everything!

It just so happens our sons 7th birthday party was coming up and I was pitching a fit about our floors looking so awful! I wanted to re-shine my laminate floors, but I wanted an easy solution. I didn’t have the time to order some expensive wax and wax them; to be honest, this probably would have done more damage than good since I have never waxed floors. So, I did what I always do and scoured Pinterest for a quick and easy fix to my problem.

I found a great solution from another blogger. This was a eureka moment for me because I actually had this Quick Shine stuff ALREADY! I had used it one Christmas to make homemade glitter ornaments, how awesome was that?? Best part? This particular shine is LABELED for laminate floors!


So I swept and mopped my floors, just like I normally do. I just simply poured some out on the floor and used a sponge mop to spread it all over. I let it dry for about 30 minutes before we walked on it, and this was the results:

Make Your Laminate Floors SHINE

This stuff is pretty amazing. If you would like to purchase this awesome stuff CLICK HERE.

I was actually shocked, I saw the results from the post on Pinterest, but when I could see the actual results before my eyes I was pretty amazed. It was so easy to put on & it looked so amazing! I had shiny floors again, and it didn’t cost a fortune to get it done!

I now use Quick Shine often. It keeps my floors in tip-top shape & I get tons of compliments! It’s also GREAT for making glitter ornaments, which I’ll go over in another post 🙂

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43 thoughts on “Laminate Floors – Make Them Shine Again!

  • cheap 2013 air max

    Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice post.

      • Clau

        We are a cleaning business in Chicago and I must to say I would never recommend this product to any client because it may look great now but it builds up with time and when it start to look dull, it will be so hard to get it off the floor. You can notice in the bottle, when you leave it without usinf it for a period of time, you will see that make the liquid hard and you cant even pour it on the floor.

        • JoAnn

          I have this problem and my floors look horrible from this product. Could you please advise me how to clean this product off and then how to make them shine again? I have already tried ammonia, no difference. I would appreciate any help.

          • Renee

            Ammonia will remove it but it’s tough. The fact is this is floor wax just like your mom used to use. I used it years ago and there’s no way I’d put it on my floors now.

  • Elisha Pepperman

    Question about the “Quick Shine”, doesn’t it leave and build up like wax or does it wash away with soap and water? I put wax on my floors to make them shine and just got done striped the wax off my new laminate flooring and it looks so dull. I just don’t want to go back to the problem.

    • Amanda-Leigh Post author

      Hey Elisha! I haven’t had that problem, but I haven’t been using it much here lately. I know that when I’ve used it I haven’t had a build up or anything. But I don’t use it every time I mop or anything. Maybe like once a season or so 🙂 hope that helps!

  • Emily

    This does look great. However, I worked for a flooring company & I wouldn’t recommend this unless you were planning to replace it in the next year or so. Products like these tends to be harsh, which destroys the top wear layer of laminate. This means eventually (maybe not days, but months or a year later) that wear layer will be destroyed & broken down. It can make the picture of the laminate look cloudy, increase scratches significantly, and in some cases cause the boards to warp.

  • Laura

    My husband and I just spent several hundred dollars and 3 days having to use a stripping solution and machine to remove 2 years of dark, yellowed build up of this product. Looks great for a while but I would highly recommend using a different product.

  • Beverly

    I am shocked that someone is happy with Quick Shine on Lamineyte flooring . I was just like you and wanted my floors shiny and new looking. Our laminate is top brand and looked so nice in the store but oh my shows everything.
    I use Bona to clean the floors and it is amazing that dirt accumulates in every corner and along the base baseboards. I cleaned my floors, paid extra attention along the baseboards and corners and I was so happy with the shine, it just made my house seem so clean. The next day I just happen to check the baseboards and oh how nasty. The dog hair was just piled up there with dirt.
    I called Quick Shine and they have heard of the issue before. I now have Quick Shine remover to fix my floors.
    Please double check any and all that you purchase and double check your lamanite and make sure you can use wax.

    • Margarite

      I absolutely agree!! When I first moved in my home, I thought Laminate floors, how do I maintain? At first, I used this product, but I had a very quick feeling after the few times using (not even about 1/3rd bottle used), that this product would eventually build up over time. Look dull, be VERY difficult to remove and could potentially ruin the finish of the laminate. SOO, I stopped using immediately. I always sweep my floors daily. I wash them about twice a week using a MICROFIBER mop – I prefer traditional mops you wring out, not sponge as I have ALOT of floor space in my home. I use some White Vinegar, about 1/4 cup in a large bucket of water, 1 1/2 TEASPOONS of MURPHY’S OIL SOAP (this is an excellent, plant based product that has been around for so many decades), and works fantastic for ALL types of wood and other surfaces, including Laminate. A LITTLE goes a long way. Plus, it has a mild scent. Swirl the Vinegar and Murphy’s Oil in your bucket and clean your floors. You can rinse as you wish. This WILL NOT strip, dull or ruin the finish of your lovely Laminate flooring. A plus is Murphy’s Oil leaves a “slight sheen” yay! on your floors and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean and floors feeling clean as well. It won’t be slippery. Additionally, this product is safe for crawling kids, pets too. I’ve been using it since my late teens, helping my dear late mom clean our then home. Now fast forward, at 60, I’ve been using this to clean so many things.

      If there is alot of build up of the High Shine, try using about a 1/2 cup white vinegar per one gallon of VERY warm water. Go over your floors. Let dry first, then observe. If still some build up, repeat. Just try to wring your mop out as much as you can each time. Repeat the dry and observe. If still not to your liking, you can use a brush. As long as YOUR FLOORS ARE IN GOOD CONDITION and NO tiles are lifting, etc. Purchase a handle brush, dunk in the vinegar solution, shake out lightly and “go over any area(s) where you see build up.” (these brushes can be gotten at a dollar store or Target, Wal-Mart). After using the Vinegar solution then rinse with clear mop. If all looks good, Go onto the Murphy’s Oil. Let dry…then just maintain.

      I NEVER use any waxes of any kind on my Laminates. Ever. Over the years, I also had hardwood (like so many others), and I loved them. Still do! But times are changing and many newer homes are not installing real hardwood like in the past. Other materals such as Laminate, Vinyl, Cork and a host of other things depending on budget are chosen.

      Good luck with your floor ☺

  • Joanne H Harty

    HI: I too have darker laminate floors and I too have the product you used to shine your floors. I have wanted to try it for some time but I have some concerns. 1. How easy or difficult was it to apply the product so that there are no streaks? 2. After a few applications, do you have to “strip” the floors? I did that when I was younger due to the wax buildup on linoleum. It was a lot of hard work and breathing ammonia was not fun.

  • Sophie Turner

    Another masterpiece …..
    I always use your techniques and found a great response. I like your presentation and the way you simplify a complex thing. And most importantly, keep helping all the online community members, like the way you do now. God bless you…

  • Ruhi

    This is very helpful. As it is very much important to keep the laminates clean and shiny. This is really going to the best article for laminates ever.

  • Gail. Bunnage

    A cc

    Holloway House quick shine is built up on my laminate floor from previous owner. Everytime a chair is moved at the table, it leaves marks and so does most other movement. Shows as big scratches in the surface…and this is with protective covers on legs. How can I get this off, and back to the original finish. I tried same brand floor cleaner which did not remove waxy build up. I’m desperate!

    Helloway House quick shine built up on my laminate floor by the