15 Minute Bunny Peep Cars!

15 Minute Bunny Peep Cars for Spring, Easter, or any occasion!

Are you looking for a cute but simple idea for an Easter or spring party? These spring bunny Peep cars are the perfect treat! This “recipe” is simple, under $10, and only takes around 15 minutes to make! What more can you ask for?

I cannot believe this was the last Easter treat I considered making for my sons Easter party! These cute bunnies were the hit of the entire party!! They looked so complicated and I didn’t think I would have the time to devote to them! Boy was I wrong.

If you look at some of my other treats like Sunflower Easter Cake, & Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps, you’ll see I LOVE cheap & easy recipes for holidays.

Bunny Peep Cars


  • Bunny Peeps
  • Twinkies
  • Mini Cookies (I used Grandma’s)
  • Iced Pretzels
  • Icing Gel (optional)

First you’ll start by cutting a small section out of the Twinkies. I used a knife and slit two slots, I judged how big I wanted the “seat”, and cut the bottom out. Be careful not to get too low or you’ll cut the bottom out.

Bunny Peep Cars

Next you’ll place the bunny Peep in the car & the pretzel on top of it. I recommending placing the bunny in this sequence because if you place the pretzel first the bunny looks too far down & aesthetically it doesn’t look good.


Take the mini cookies & separate them. I removed the insides and used Icing Gel to hold the cookies on the car. It seemed like they didn’t stick as well without the icing gel.

Bunny Peep Cars

I used blue and pink Peeps, but any color looks great 🙂

Bunny Peep Cars

I pushed some of the ears down – it looked so cute!

Bunny Peep Cars

The kids thought they were amazing and the teachers thought I had spent hours on these!

Bunny Peep Cars

So if you’re looking for a cheap & easy DIY spring or Easter treat, these bunny Peep cars are a hit!


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