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Lego Birthday Party

My poor Facebook friends. For about a month and a half they had to endure my nearly every day posts about my sons upcoming Lego birthday party.

It was an obsession.

As many things I get into doing, I obsess about it. I constantly think about it… even in my dreams!

I was so relieved when it was here, that meant I could focus on something else & I could enjoy all the hard work and love I put into it.

So if you’re interested, here’s how to have an off the chain Lego birthday party on the cheap.

Lego Birthday Party Invitations


Custom personalized Lego Birthday Party Invites Invitations

I love using Adobe Photoshop to design things. His Lego birthday party invites were no exception 😉

The minifigure I used here is actually my son in his Halloween costume I made for him. That is a post in itself to come later!

Lego Birthday Party Decorations or Décor 😉  

Custom Brick & Minifigure Lego Birthday Party Banner

One of the first things I created for his party was a banner.

I didn’t want just any banner. I wanted a COOL banner.

I used card stock and cut it in 6″ pieces. I then cut out circles with my Silhouette. I bought glue dots at Joanne’s. I used glue dots so the circles would “sit” off the background a little giving it a 3-d effect. Next was the hard part. Designing the letters. I downloaded a font that looked like the LEGO font from I played around in Silhouette and made 3 different sizes. As you can see, they’re not 100% perfect, but they did the job. I then used my Silhouette to cut out tiny mini figures! I LOVE the banner. it took a lot of time and effort, but it was perfect! I love old-timey and antique looks so I had tone of jute. I used a hole cutter at the top ends and ran the jute string through to complete the banner.

Custom Yellow Minifigure Heads Lego Birthday Party Plates

I knew I wanted cute plates. But I could not find square yellow plates, ANYWHERE. I finally went to Party City and, voila, they had them there. I should have thought of that in the first place, but I’m a cheapy. I try to save money any way I can. Anyways, so I used my silhouette to cut the mini figure faces out. These little guys were a hit!

Lego Birthday Party

I couldn’t have yellow mini figure plates and not cups… I bought yellow cups at the Dollar Tree and drew faces on them. I cut out a face with my Silhouette for the “Lego Juice”.


I didn’t have a better picture of the bowls I made. I bought the bowls at Dollar General. I used yellow spray-paint, ON THE OUTSIDE, let it dry and cut out faces with my Silhouette.


I adore this keepsake.

I create this chalkboard sign in Adobe Photoshop and had it printed out by Shutterfly with a 40% off coupon. I purchased a blank canvas at Walmart and modpodged the picture onto the canvas. I  used black chalkboard paint and painted around the edges. This was definitely a hit of the party. If you are interested in me designing a chalkboard sign for your event, please send me and email at

Party Balloons

I LOVE balloons at parties.

I always go overboard and my husband wants to strangle me, hehe.

The kids love it!! They love selecting their own color of balloon and taking them home. It’s worth the money. See those huge 15×15″ Lego Block balloons? One of my friends picked them up for me at a bargain store. $.50 each. Yes, FIFTY CENTS. Told you, I am a cheapy!

Lifesize Legos

These did not turn out exactly how I wanted them to…

I used table cloths to cover the doors and plates for the actual Lego bricks. I should have spent more time in making it uniform and look like an actual Lego brick.

DSC_0057 DSC_0058 DSC_0059

We had the party in the garage. It’s the biggest room we have in the house and when you’ve got nearly 50 people in your house,  you need space!

I made the apothecary jars, I explained how to make these beautiful things in this post here.

The small Lego’s were left over from making too many banner pieces, which worked out perfectly.

The picture in the center of the table is a picture of my son in his Lego costume I  made for Halloween. That is a-whole-nother post in itself. to come later 🙂

Lego Birthday Party Custom, Personalized, Minifigure, Bricks, Blocks,

There are so many things in this one picture, I’ll try to go over them all.

I love streamer. I twisted the streamer and taped the ends. This is a very appealing background that everyone loves!

The big Lego’s are actually his presents. I wrapped them in wrapping paper, spray-painted little cups, and hotglued them to the packages. Easy, but cute!

I bought the Lego head on the left from eBay as part of his birthday gift. The Lego bucket on the right was a left over bucket from Halloween. I spray-painted it and used my silhouette for the face.

The HUNTER Lego’s were made by my husband and I from actual Lego bricks.

The small containers are filled with colored M&M’s. I bought a package of M&M’s & just separated them by color.

I’ll go over the goody bags in just a second.

Simple but cute.


I bought these balloons on Etsy for a little over $20! SO SO SO worth it!!! I had them filled with helium, because I got a discount, but can be filled with air because they won’t float. I used balloon string and tied them together through holes in the top. These are DEFINITELY worth the money 🙂

Lego Birthday Party Food

We had a ton of food. My grandmother made her famous vegetable soup with cornbread, my mother-in-law made sausage balls and a fruit tray, and I made some rotel dip and the goodies below.

We are Southern, and Baptist at that, so food, and lots of it, is a must!

Lego Head Marshmallow Pops Birthday party food

MMMMM, Legohead Marshmallow Pops. So yummy, but oh so time-consuming. I made these the night before. Thank the Lord! These cute little things took me about 2 hours to make in all. I cut the tops off of the Marshmallows and cut a small circle out of it; then placed the circle back on the Marshmallow. I melted the vanilla candy melts. I used a candy melting machine, but DO NOT DIP THE MARSHMALLOWS IN IT IF YOU HAVE ONE! I learned this the hard way. The Lego tops come off. Walmart sells the cake pop sticks for cheap so I picked up two bags of those to use as the sticks. After placing the sticks in the bottom of the marshmallow, I used a plastic knife and smoothed the melted candy on the marshmallow. I put them in a cake pop stand to dry. Later I came back and added the black for the face with gel icing. So stinkin’ cute!

Lego Oreo Truffles

One of my favorite things to make for parties is Oreo Truffles!!! MMMMMM. They are oh so good, and they’re oh so quick to make!! I doubled the batch since we were expecting 50 guests. They go quick; in all honesty I should have tripled the batch. No joke. I used two packs of Oreos and used a chopper to chop them up into fine pieces. I mixed in 2 packs of softened cream cheese with my hands. Once I made sure it was mixed real well together, I placed it in the fridge for an hour. Once it was chilled, my wonderful husband helped roll the mixture into 1″ balls. I had the candy already melted and we dipped the Oreo balls into the candy melt with a spoon, then place them on parchment paper to dry. They dry fairly quickly. Once completely dried, you can use black icing gel to create the cute faces. I did this for a Minion party too and they both were a hit!!

Lego Birthday Party Awesome Unique Cake 2 Tier minifigures blocks

This cake!!!!

Need I say more??

I have a fabulous cake designer. She’s made my cakes for the past 3 years and she never fails to impress me! She is amazing!

Lego Birthday Party Goody Bags

Lego birthday party goody bags

I spent a ton of time on these goody bags. Everything that I handmade I did test runs weeks before his party to make sure everything was going to turn out right. It takes dedication and time!

Lego birthday party goody bags

Ahh! I love these party bags 🙂

I cut out the dots from construction paper on my Silhouette. I cutout the men on my silhouette and printed out the name tags. Glued them all on and there you go. Personalized goody bags.

Birthday party minifigure & blocks

Lego Birthday Party crayons.

I made a ton of these little creations. I purchased $1 packs of crayons at the dollar store and went to town taking the paper off the crayons. This is a job. I recruited some help from my youngin’, but it still took forever!

Once they were all peeled, I broke them up and put them in Lego molds, see below.

I heated them up at 350 degrees and waited until they were melted.

They made awesome crayons!

Birthday Favors

Lego birthday party favor ideas

Lego Birthday Party Fondant

This was my test run of the marshmallow fondant.

It was so good.

I used a bag of mini marshmallows, added a tablespoon of water, and heated it up for 15 seconds, stirred it around, heated it up a little more til it was a good consistency. Put in your food colors in the marshmallow mix. i didn’t do this on this test run, but I did on the real ones for his party. You gradually stir in a whole bag of powered sugar. The mixture will become a dough. At this point you can place it in the molds, and it will harden into your shape.

Lego birthday party favor ideas

Lego Birthday Party Favors

I wanted to make Lego head jars. My cousin-in-law saved some baby food jars for me and I painted them on the inside with samples of house paint.

Once they were dried I added a face on the outside, like the jar below. Lego Party Favors

Lego Birthday Party Favors

Lego Birthday Party Gummies.

There is an awesome video floating around the internet on how to make these. It’s fairly simple. I made 3 colors total and they were a big hit.

Lego Party Favors Birthday

I love melting candy melts. If you haven’t figured it out already 😉

These chocolate legos were made by melting chocolate and candy melts and putting them into a mold and letting them set.


I love creating things and I love saving money. I truly hope this inspires you to venture out of your comfort zone and add a personal touch to your little ones Lego birthday party!

Lego birthday party ideas


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