Tooth Fairy Magic 2

Tooth Fairy

When it comes to Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, I go all out crazy.

I know my Facebook friends think I am utterly insane. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them saw my name and kept scrolling past… hehe.

My son was later than most of his friends losing his first tooth. Because of the awaited anticipation I had so many ideas and already bought the material to make the Tooth Fairy come to life in my sons eyes.

This was my first purchase. A handmade pillow, I bought on Etsy, with a pocket shaped as a tooth! I saw the camo and my heart melted! I was sold!

Tooth fairy door hanger

This pillow stayed in the top of my closet for about two years. I was SO anxious to use it!!! I also had preprinted out some printables and bought some glitter spray-paint (I am a glitter freak!)

The day he came home and told me he lost his first tooth, it was Christmas morning for me!

I got out my bag of goodies I had stashed away in the top of the closet and got to planning.

Before he went to bed, we put the tooth pillow on the door and put his first, widdle bitty tooth in the pocket.

I could not wait for him to fall asleep!

Tooth Fairy Glitter Footprints

Like I said, I am a freak about glitter. I LOVE IT! So I had a ton laying around the house. I used my finger and on the windowsill I sprinkled glitter out around it so it looked like tiny footprints. I would have LOVED to have a barbie doll or something to go by, but it worked.

Tooth Fairy Glitter, Magical Money

Here’s where the glitter spray-paint came in to play. It takes a minute to dry so don’t cake it on. Magical Money

I spent a lot of time designing the letter. I got the template from Pinterest and just added the words. I took several “Tooth Fairy Letter” ideas and combined them into one to say what I wanted it to. It was perfect!

Toothfairy letter

I found this super cute poem on Pinterest so I added a little clipart around it and a cloud and voila!

Tooth Fairy Poem

How can you have the Tooth Fairy come and not have a tooth receipt? Again, I found this on Pinterest (see the trend here? I am a Pinterest ADDICT!) I filled out the receipt and went to bed.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

I almost could not go to sleep just waiting on morning to come!!

That next morning was magical. The Tooth Fairy was up there in the ranks with Santa and the Easter Bunny. SHE IS AWESOME!

One condition: He could not spend his money… mean right? I had to keep it all in his keepsake box; which is overflowing. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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