Laminate Floors – Make Them Shine Again! 17

One Simple Step to Make Your Laminate Floors Shine Like NEW!

Do you have dull laminate floors? We did!

Refinish Your Laminate Floors

When my husband & I built our house, we wanted dark laminate floors. We didn’t even consider the fact that dark floors show up everything! Dark laminate flooring shows every little footprint, mark, everything!

It just so happens our sons 7th birthday party was coming up and I was pitching a fit about our floors looking so awful! I wanted to re-shine my laminate floors, but I wanted an easy solution. I didn’t have the time to order some expensive wax and wax them; to be honest, this probably would have done more damage than good since I have never waxed floors. So, I did what I always do and scoured Pinterest for a quick and easy fix to my problem.

I found a great solution from another blogger. This was a eureka moment for me because I actually had this Quick Shine stuff ALREADY! I had used it one Christmas to make homemade glitter ornaments, how awesome was that?? Best part? This particular shine is LABELED for laminate floors!


So I swept and mopped my floors, just like I normally do. I just simply poured some out on the floor and used a sponge mop to spread it all over. I let it dry for about 30 minutes before we walked on it, and this was the results:

Make Your Laminate Floors SHINE

This stuff is pretty amazing. If you would like to purchase this awesome stuff CLICK HERE.

I was actually shocked, I saw the results from the post on Pinterest, but when I could see the actual results before my eyes I was pretty amazed. It was so easy to put on & it looked so amazing! I had shiny floors again, and it didn’t cost a fortune to get it done!

I now use Quick Shine often. It keeps my floors in tip-top shape & I get tons of compliments! It’s also GREAT for making glitter ornaments, which I’ll go over in another post 🙂

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