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How to Manage A Medication Schedule

Elderly Medication Guideline Schedule My sweet grandparents are like parents to me.

They adopted me when I was 2 years old.

I love them dearly.

My grandfather has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, but is a survivor of so much more. He’s had quite a few run in’s with bad health. He’s survived a heart attack, he’s a kidney transplant recipient, he suffers from degenerative disc disease which required 2 back surgeries, muscle loss disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and several other problems.

Can you imagine the medication he’s on?

I have taken over the daunting task of figuring out his medicines and when he needs to take them about a year ago. Elderly Medication Schedule This is by far not the prettiest picture and not all of the medication he’s on. This is my set-up on how I properly manage his medication schedule.

This is not an easy task when you’re talking about this much medication.

My grandmother used to do this for him, but she was diagnosed with dementia a little over a year ago and just couldn’t keep up with the task. Which I don’t know how she did it in the first place.

There is an amazing website out there that coordinates your medicine schedule.

It is a life saver!!

You put in the medication, quantity, dosage, and time to take it and you print out the schedule.

Med scheduluer And guess what??

You can sign up FOR FREE!!

Yes, for free.

 I cannot tell you how much this has helped.

It’s a time saver too!

I print out the schedule and I do his medication 2 weeks at a time (see the weekly pill containers in the picture?). The nice thing about MyMedSchedule is that you can organize it by dosage. So for his I’ve got his morning medicine first, then noon, then nighttime medicine.

It’s not only helped me figure out his medications, but also his doctors! I’ve printed them a copy out to take with them to take to the doctor office with them when they go.

This lessons room for error in case they forget a medication or the doctor doesn’t have an updated list.

You can go into your account and update any of the medications at any time.

If you have elderly or if you have a lot of medication you need to keep up with, I highly recommend getting an account with It has saved so much time and headache for our family.


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2 thoughts on “Medication Schedule – How to Keep Up

  • Amanda

    What a great idea! When Taylor was a baby we just used a huge dry erase board that hung in the kitchen. It was so much to keep up with especially since we couldn’t dose it out ahead of time (liquids). An app/website like that would’ve been so much better!